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Alex and Ani (Review and history)

A look into my newest Brand Obsession


Hourglass’s Ambient Lightling Palette

Hello Ladies && Gents, Now for today I wanted to review a makeup brand that I have never used before, but gets marvelous reviews all over the internet. && that brand is Hourglass. Now, despite this brands raves, I have never even bothered to look longer then a few minutes at their displays for fear of falling in love with something WAY out of my … Read More Hourglass’s Ambient Lightling Palette


New Pretty Things for the Home

♡ Hello! ♡ This year, I have some huge events happenng! I will offically be graduating in Fall 2014! && to celebrate, I have planned some other exciting events through out my year. However, I didn’t expect somthing exciting so soon. Me & my marvoulos Boyfrind have purchased a new couch! Now I know what you all are thinking, a couch? really? Why would … Read More New Pretty Things for the Home


Holy Moly- Youtube && Week 2

OMG today i posted my second youtube video…I have video edition before for school, however i forgot how time consuming it is! I have no subscribers yet (so I’m all videoed up with no fans lol) but I’m hoping that if i keep adding videos ill get some. Todays video focused on how i do the perfect lip (thus picture above lol) && i’m … Read More Holy Moly- Youtube && Week 2

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