Who inspires you? 

I once heard someway give a piece of advice… that described a way of looking at others. Every person you encounter, you must find one thing in them that you find inspiring or that you like.

I heard this quote, at a time in my life, then I really needed to see people in a new way. && Since then, I have always strived to look at everyone I meet in this way.

So, I find qualities in everyone, that inspire me.

My Mom – she is wonderfully brave. In everything she does.

My Dad – He has the soul of an adventurer, I swear he could visit everywhere in the world twice, and still insist there is more to experience.

My Younger Brother – He is like a magnet. People are drawn to him. He has a way of making friends with anyone && connecting with people instantly.

My Older Brother – He has charisma in his bones. This kid could sell you the shirt off his back, and you would buy it just to get a bit of his shine.

My Boyfriend – He is the epitome of relaxation. I swear I have never met someone who is …. calm.

Those are just a few people who inspire me…every day…

-Till Tomorrow


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