Hello Ladies && Gents!

Myself && Boyfriend have officially moved into our new home!

Needless to say I am very excited. For the past two months we have been packing & cleaning & tossing things out!

On the packing side of things, I have decided that packing is the best way to accomplish getting nothing done in a day… hmm let me clarify..

Everyday I’ll get a good hankering to clean and pack. After about an hour I discover things I haven’t seen before…or something I didn’t remember having && I spend a good half an hour messing around with that. Today’s blog post is a accumulation of the random bits of things I’ve found packing my house!

Essentially these are my “spring cleaning” treasures..lol




( My Prime Amp from when I used to play Guitar)


(One rare Item that I have from Disney Land <3) Iv’e actually NEVER been to Disney, however I adore the princesses.


(Current Polaroid Collection)


(My signed poster from the 2012 Edge Fest! ) I defiantly need to hang this



(Discovered my Chanel blush in Rose Petal) I have no clue how i miss placed this…but I’m so please I found it


(A few of my MAC shadows I discovered in  a bag) these colors are ..(From left to right) Legendary Lure, Carbon and Burn.

(Just a few Random Tidbits! Hope you enjoyed!


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