Hello Ladies && Gents,

Now for today I wanted to review a makeup brand that I have never used before, but gets marvelous reviews all over the internet.

&& that brand is Hourglass.

Now, despite this brands raves, I have never even bothered to look longer then a few minutes at their displays for fear of falling in love with something WAY out of my price range.

So, let me start of by stressing, that this particular product was indeed expensive && a total splurge item. Despite it’s loveliness I don’t think you NEED to own the Ambient Lighting Palette.

So for my more budget conscious readers, I will be suggesting highlighter/fishing powder alternatives at the end of this post !



Now then, firstly let me explain what the Ambient Lighting Palette it…

This sleek and gorgeous palette features three finishing powders. All of which are designed to even skin tone, illuminate the face, and mask imperfections. Due to the particular formulation these setting powders also emulate the most flattering forms of light, even under flash photography. (making for some breath taking selfies!)

Each pan of color is hued in a fashion that allows the user to determine the intensity of light coming from the skin, ranging from incandescent light, dim light and radiant light.

These powders let me say are incredible. They matt the face, set your makeup && very subtly highlight your features.

I have to say, I really adore this palette. I have noticed that when using this product as my finishing powder my makeup looks more even, && my fave over all looks brighter. Making me look more awake.

&& one quickly of these powders that has made me do a mini back flip is the fact that this powder helps my face stay oil free longer! For an oily girl, that is huge in any product!

Deffintly an A-Plus for a finishing powder!

Now, I do think that while this powder makes my selfies look amazing, your can use other alternatives.

Forbinstance the E.l.f. cosmetics finishing powder ($3) or the Makeup Up forever H.D. powder. Both of these I think make wonderful more affordable finishing powders.


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