♡ Hello! ♡

This year, I have some huge events happenng! I will offically be graduating in Fall 2014! && to celebrate, I have planned some other exciting events through out my year. However, I didn’t expect somthing exciting so soon. Me & my marvoulos Boyfrind have purchased a new couch!
Now I know what you all are thinking, a couch? really? Why would you be so excited about that? The answer is simply, I’ve never purchased new furnature before! Of course Ive bouught things like pillows and such but nothing so large!
Thus im overly excited for this new addotion to my home. ♡
Which sparks a new shopping desire, I am in need of new fun pillows && blankets to match my new living room. Haha whcih more then likely will spark another blog entry.

♡ Ta-Ta for Now

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