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My Little Family…

Recently a good friend of mine photographed my little family after we brought home Tristen. I am so in love with the images, I had to share a few.


Our Nursery

Preparing for the arrival of our little one has been a joy, I have treasured.


9 Saturdays till Christamas

This year, Christmas seems closer than normal.


My Pregnancy…so far (mini update)

A few months back, Brandon (my fiance) and I were ecstatic to find out that we are expecting!

Progress not…



Baby Joey; Miss-Adventures

Did you know puppies have this unique ability to do all the things in the world possible to drive you bonkers… & yet you adore them to pieces? Here I have collected a few accounts of Baby Joey’s miss-adventures, training challenges and a few of the reasons I adore him.


Meet Baby Joey

Our 11 week old German Shepard/ Lab Mix

“Keep some room in your heart

For the unimaginable.” Mary Oliver


Review : John Wick Chapter 2

I was very unsure about seeing this movie. (Caution: Spoiler Alert) 


Underworld: Blood Wars


Day 22 : Restart

Hmm I officially am awful at keeping up with my daily posts….but we will take a deep breath && keep on chucking! What kind of music would you play if you were in a band? What would your bands name be?  When I was in middle school, everyone I knew was starting a band. (Literally it was the cool thing to do then). Back … Read More Day 22 : Restart


Day 21

What is a song that reminds you of an amazing time in your life ? What happened?