Every year, the days and months seem like they fly by faster and faster. & I know that 2018 will be the fastest year yet. So before, I look up and be surprised it’s March, I wanted to jot down 18 things I am excited about for this coming year.

  1. Celebrating Valentines Day – My anniversary falls on Valentine’s day, and this year will mark Brandon’s and my seventh year together, which has been made that much sweeter by Tristen’s arrival.
  2. Moving House – In February, we will be moving back into my families home, which will be an incredible experience. My grandfather built the house many years ago & has since been the home to everyone in my family. Now it’s my little families turn to occupy it. So expect lots of home posts and updates as we make this space our own.
  3. My Best Friend Is getting married – I am so incredibly happy and excited for her. The thought of her in a wedding dress always brings me to tears. To top it off, she has made me her maid of honor (insert crying face). Watching her become the women she is today has been amazing and I am so honored to be apart of such a memorable day.
  4. Silver City Blues Festival – If you have been following my blog for a bit. Then you would know that for the past few years, Brandon and I have ventured to Silver City, New Mexico to attend the annual Blues Festival. This year we will be keeping that tradition alive & we will be bringing Tristen!
  5. Watching Tristen Grow & Learn – Gosh. Tristen is 4 weeks old today and he has already changed so much. It is going to be incredible to watch him grow. I can’t put into words all the things I am looking forward to. But I’m sure as new things happen, I’ll be writing about them! For instance, one new thing he has done this week is grabbing beard hair (hahaha! his poor Dad).
  6. The International Balloon Fiesta – Every October, this wonderful event comes to Albuquerque & It’s one of my favorite things to attend every year. If you ever get the chance to attend the event, it’s a must! It makes you feel like you are in “Tangled.”
  7. Growing my Hair – Since discovering I have Celiac Disease, I have learned it’s near impossible (aside from a few VERY expensive hair dyes) to color my hair gluten free. So I have vowed to grow out my curly locks, and already my hair is longer and healthier then it has been in years.
  8. Being fully healed from delivery – If you have ever have had a baby, then you know that after baby healing is heck in a hand basic. (& if you haven’t, trust me it can be a challenge!) I am looking forward to being done with the healing process and getting back to a “new” normal. One thing I want to do this year is to get back into working out weekly, either by attending cross fit again or trying something new.
  9.  Photographing – This year I’m excited to document what we are up to. I have a goal to make a photobook of this year. Ideally, I want to do photo album page every week to document all of our happenings and adventures.
  10. Halloween – All I can say for this one is… Tristen’s FIRST HALLOWEEN! Omg… I am already coming up with ideas of what he can be! I’m a little excited.
  11. Kayaking – I adore being outside, and this year I am looking forward to taking Tristen with us on our outdoorsy trips. Much more so, I can’t wait to take him kayaking, It’s one of my favorite activities and while he is still little, I know he will just love floating on the water.
  12. Decorating our Home – Since we are moving, I’m looking forward to changing the look of our spaces and introducing new furniture, concepts & art to our surrounds. For 2018 I plan on bringing in more plants and pops of color.
  13. Reading more Poetry – 2017 I started re-venturing into the world of poetry & now I want to keep diving. The first book I want to read this year is: You get so alone sometimes it just makes sense by Charles Bukowski.
  14. Blogging – Every year I talk about writing more. But I am looking forward to blogging this year. It’s very therapeutic and it will be a wonderful way to share all the tidbits of this year.
  15. Tristen’s first birthday – Our entire world changed the day he was born, it’s going to be so fun to celebrate.
  16. Visiting Brandon’s Family – Brandon has lots of family in Utah, and it’s’ going to be a blast to visit them this year and introduce Tristen to his cousins. Plus Utah is gorgeous, I want to hike in Arches and Moab this year!
  17. OUR WEDDING – yup! You read correctly, Brandon and I are getting hitched in August! I have started planning and goodness wedding can be stressful! But wow, I am so looking forward to walking down the aisle to my soul mate.
  18. & our honeymoon! – We will be taking the whole family. Tristen and fluffy pups to Yellowstone for a week. It’s going to be our first family vacation and I’m so excited. It’s going to be an adventure we will never forget.

This year is going to be incredible. What are some things you looking forward to this year? Pop them in the comments!

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