Getting ready for a new baby can be overwhelming. What diapers will you us? Who will be your pediatrician? & How will you decorate your nursery? And a thousand other questions. 

I found, as I got ready for our little man’s arrival, that I really enjoyed prepping and decorating his nursery. It was a project that soothed my heart and eased my mind.

Thus, I wanted to share with you all how we decorated and any tips I have learned along the way.

For our nursery, I wanted the room to encompass coziness, and to have an overall feeling of warmth. Thus I set out to create a space I would be excited for my newborn to be in. (& of course a space I would want to spend large amounts of time in!)


When walking in, you will spot hanging on the door, we have hung our announcement sign. Brandon, my fiance made it, and plans on making a new one for Tristen after he arrives.


To organize, I like keeping things simple. One trick I have is for our binkies to hang them on this jewelry holder. This keeps them in one place and easily available to grab in a hurry.


Our little man will have the last name Byrd. so I had to incorporate birds into the space. I was able to find this handmade mobile on eBay for $40, a steal. & I think it offers a pop of cuteness.


When I first found out I was expecting, I looked into popular baby themes. One of them, that I adore is foxes. I haven’t over saturated Tristen’s room in the fox theme but instead added a few pops. Like this organic fox stuffy and the wooden fox next to our pacifier holder.


With a newborn, it’s important to have a comfy place to rock them to sleep or just to have a morning cuddle. Thus we added this plush leather rocker adorned with big knitted blankets and a blue otaman for baby time snuggles.


I love reading. So I had to begin a collection of stories to read to Tristen. (Peter Rabbit was one of my favorites as a little girl). These adorable collectors additions of these classic stories can be found at Barnes and Noble and go on sale often.


For an added texture, I picked up these mountain plane prints from Etsy. Giving the room the feeling of a much bigger space.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our son’s nursery. In addition to welcoming our little one, we will have another big change early on this year. We will be moving! So please keep an eye out for an updated nursery post and baby organization tips.

Images by: Shante Photography LLC

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