OMG today i posted my second youtube video…I have video edition before for school, however i forgot how time consuming it is! I have no subscribers yet (so I’m all videoed up with no fans lol) but I’m hoping that if i keep adding videos ill get some. Todays video focused on how i do the perfect lip (thus picture above lol) && i’m really proud of it. I know its not the most amazing edit, but i think i have lean red a few fantastic tricks to put into my videos to come.


Week 2-ish work out check. In basically i suck lol. I have still been eating well and drink lots lots lots of water however i difficulty finding time to exercise. Even though i know there is time if i wake up early enough, there is time i still want more sleep lol. This week is also midterms week, so all my time is being taken up however, i know that i need to get back in my grove. I have started noticing some of my clothes are baggy, however rim trying not to get to excited. I need to focus and work lol.

Well kisses for now…

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