Recently I found myself in Las Vegas. The nations capitol of gambling, drinking and more shopping then you can imagine. (literally! there are so so so many stores. It’s possible i got my shopping fill for a bit….possible….)

Accompanying me on my trip, was my sweet friend Miceala. She showed me the best shopping, restaurants and places in town. While on one of our many shopping adventures, she introduced me to the wonderful world of Alex and Ani.

Miceala, has been obsessed with Alex and Ani for at least a year, so I have heard of their brand. However it wasn’t until I walked into one of their stores and heard their company story that I understood her obsession.


Alex and Ani is a American brand that uses positive energy and positive thought to craft lovely jewelry. Infused with symbols from around the world their spiritual mission is designed to empower the wearer. To boot they are also environmentally aware. Their materials are sustainable and derived from eco-conscious processes.


Needless to say…I’m blaming Miceala for my new obsession. They have a range of options allowing you to invest from empowered charm bengals, to beaded texture pieces, necklaces, rings and more.

In my home state there isn’t a location for Alex and Ani, (sad I know! Let’s start a petition) so I will be shopping online….expect more posts about my growing jewelry collection..(ahoh)


Since this brand is so lovely and I adored the meaning behind their company I wanted to share them with you! (Do you have a brand you adore? Leave it in the comments below!)

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