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Day 22 : Restart

Hmm I officially am awful at keeping up with my daily posts….but we will take a deep breath && keep on chucking! What kind of music would you play if you were in a band? What would your bands name be?  When I was in middle school, everyone I knew was starting a band. (Literally it was the cool thing to do then). Back … Read More Day 22 : Restart

Day 10 

Where would you most want to go on a road trip with your best friends? What kinds of things would you do? I have always wanted to take a girls trip to  California. (But instead of the conventional way to travel, I would adore going by  train. Doesn’t that just sound so much more…. Relaxing?  Once we arrive, I want to of course visit … Read More Day 10 

Day 8

What qualities do you look for in a friend?  I look for someone to be honest, loyal, && to have integrity. Really in a friend I look for a spark or a notion that says through thick, or thin they will be there.  I’m not one who likes to drift away from poeple, but it happends so easily…so in a friend I want someone … Read More Day 8


Day 7 

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Who gave it to you? 

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