What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Who gave it to you? 

In my home state, middle schools go till 8th grade. At the end of your grade in order to be passed onto high school, you have to do a presentation to your teachers && parents that show cases what you have learned what you needed to. (No pressure right? Haha)

It was during my presentation that I was given the best compliment I have ever received. One of my teachers who attended my ROPE (don’t remember what this stands for, but that’s what the presentation was called), (who’s name I regretfully don’t remember) told me this ; “you see the world through rose colored glasses, that is your gift. && it is truely a marvelous quality to have”

(I cried at that)…you see, in middle school I was bullied quite a bit for being “to happy” or optimistic. (Kids some how always know how to kick you where you are the most vulnerable)

So for someone to look at me, and say that my being happy, && looking at the world in a positive light is a gift…. Gosh…. It was refreshing. It was… I can’t even place it into words.

To this day…if I’m feeling down or upset about  something.I remind myself that it’s okay to look at the world through rose colored glasses. It’s okay to view things positively. && it’s okay to fully, completely && unconditionally embrace yourself.

What I was given was more then the most amazing compliment…I was given a montra to live by.

– Till Tomorrow

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