Hmm I officially am awful at keeping up with my daily posts….but we will take a deep breath && keep on chucking!

What kind of music would you play if you were in a band? What would your bands name be? 

When I was in middle school, everyone I knew was starting a band. (Literally it was the cool thing to do then). Back then I desperately wanted to sing heavy metal. (I never joined a band sadly so I never got my heavy metal tunes out).

But since then my tastes have changes and goodness so has music. Now if I wear to be in band, I would want to sing folkie, song writer tunes infused with violins, guitar plucking and the occasional big band infusion.

(Of course I would still want to sing…but no screamo with the violin is allowed)

As for a band name…hmm… (I feel like i used to think about things like this alot…but now I can’t think of a good name) perhaps “Reflecting color”…. Or is that to… Artsy? Hmm… How the heck do you even name a band?!


– Till Tomorrow

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