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Growing Pains…

Hello Lovelies ❤ I think one of the hardest things about life is being expected to learn. From the moment you are born you are groomed to be a learning machine. Which, don't get me wrong, can be a wonderful thing. Every day we learn, change and have the opportunity to improve ourselves. Despite all the wonderful things that learning can bring however, it … Read More Growing Pains…


A really Naughty & Naked Filled Retail Therapy Haul

Hello Lovlies!  For me and I think for a lot of people, one of the greatest and most dangerous activities which I choose to indulge myself in is retail therapy. This type of therapy is normally suggested when one is stressed, frustrated, brokenhearted, in need of a pick me up, or it’s monday (because mondays should be illegal). For me however, retail therapy can … Read More A really Naughty & Naked Filled Retail Therapy Haul


(Concurring) Hypoglycemia

This weeks Blog post is happening…unexpectedly. Unfortunately for me I’ve always been a sickly person. Dealing with my allergy to citrus and my hypoglycemia has proven to be very difficult more then once. Most recently, my sugar at work yesterday dropped unexpectedly, causing me to become dizzy, stubble and fall at work. Hypoglycemia means that naturally my body doesn’t produce the normal needed amount … Read More (Concurring) Hypoglycemia


I went to Petco &&

</ Hello all !! I have a little story for you from this week…On thursday i was having a really sour day. Nothing was going right or even proper. I got into argument with the BF, my coworkers were being especially bothersome && i ripped my favorite pair of leggings, basically I had the worst day! After I got off work & went home, … Read More I went to Petco &&

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