Hello Lovelies ❤

I think one of the hardest things about life is being expected to learn. From the moment you are born you are groomed to be a learning machine. Which, don't get me wrong, can be a wonderful thing. Every day we learn, change and have the opportunity to improve ourselves. Despite all the wonderful things that learning can bring however, it can also bring about growing pains. Recently I was faced with a growing pain…one of my greatest and most amazing best friends decided to make a wonderful change and move states. Even though this decision was a great change for her, it didn't help me feel more secure about the impending relocation…
When I was young my family moved around a lot. I attended four elementary schools and two middle schools, so it was difficult to find "home town roots," much less friends. I think that is why, when my friend announced she would be leaving I had a mini panic attack. Forcing me to remember what it's like to be faced with a friendless and often daunting world.
There are a few differences to being my elementary lonely school self and the now 23 year old me. For one, I do realize that regardless of where you are in the world phones and skype are amazing things, and thankfully to the power of money I can always go visit. Sometimes its important to remember that regardless of how lonely you feel there is always someone a phone call, a hop or a Skype call away. I wanted to take the time to type this down, because sometimes everyone needs a reminder that your not as lonely as you feel. Even when you have a horrible no good day, friends and family are there to make it bearable. So deep breaths && remember that growing pains are just temporary, and once there over you'll be a better stronger individual.


(Ps. the photo that goes along with the post, is a commemoration tattoo of mine& my BFF's thumb prints, to commemorate an amazing friendship)

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