Hello Lovlies! 

For me and I think for a lot of people, one of the greatest and most dangerous activities which I choose to indulge myself in is retail therapy. This type of therapy is normally suggested when one is stressed, frustrated, brokenhearted, in need of a pick me up, or it’s monday (because mondays should be illegal). For me however, retail therapy can hit at any given time, day, place or inopportune moment. Thus both my closet and wallet are often very irritated with me. That being said, I wanted to post a little review on some of the products that I have picked up on my most recent (and very naughty) retail therapy overload trip. 

Naughty Purchase #1: Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette $54

Now you see, I have been one of the those people, who have avoided the Naked palettes simply due to their over popularity. That being said on my last NRTT there was this gorgeous display of new palettes at Ulta. I looked at a few, including some by titles like Smash box, Kat Von D, and Buxom. However, when my hands found there way to the pink pearly joy of the Naked 3 palette my eyes and hands wouldn’t let go. Thus it officially became part of my growing makeup problem. 

In review, I have to say, what caused me to finally burst my Naked virgin bubble was the fact that this palette was one of the only ones that looked like it was advertising summer. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dark shadows, however sometimes being o-na-tur-al means embracing the more coral end of the color spectrum. 

Over all, I have been in love with this palette, the colors are light, easily build-able, and they are not a reflection of other brands eyeshadows. After all whats the fun in collecting different makeup if everything ends up looking the same. If you are like me, and you are searching for a palette, thats different, fun and truly a pigmented blessing, invested in this baby. You will thank yourself even if you’r wallet doesn’t. 

Naughty Purchase #2: Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette $54

After my love affair with the Naked 3, I thought to myself I have been missing what millions if not billions of people have been raving about since the release of the Naked palettes. So, to remedy, my horribly committed makeup fopa I ran out and picked up the Naked 2 palette. I choice this one true to the gold shimmers, which to me looked like gold islands in the middle of the makeup store. 

Now I have to say right of the bat, that this purchase didn’t nock me out of my socks like the Naked 3 did. While all the pigments were lovely, and very interesting, I felt like I had purchases once again a rehash of something that I already own. Now don’t get me wrong, this palette is lovely, and I think if you want a palette that is easily build able, from night to day, then this is your new soul mate. For me however, I think I’m still stuck in the summer time love affair of corals and pinks. When fall hits however, I will be sure to give this palette more love. Until then I think that my Naked 3 and my perviously purchased Chocolate bar Palettes will still be my staples for the summer. 

Naughty Purchase #3  Naked Basics Palette $36

Essentially this blog is turning into a “Naked” extravaganza lol. Anyways! This palette, I think is essential if you want some well rounded very buttery eyeshadows. Since these are natural browns and creams I find myself reaching for this palette for things like eyebrows,

eyeshadow bases and crease colors. I have to say I have much love for this tiny palette, especially since it’s tiny it fits perfectly in my bag anytime I need just a tad bit of eyeshadow in a day or on a short trip. 

Naughty Purchase #4 Naked Flushed Palette in Strip $30

Now, This palette contains a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush. There are three other color combinations in the Flushed palette range, of the four this one is by far the darkest and the richest. So far I have to say I am somewhat disappointed in this palette. Other reviews I have read stated that the palette is buttery and pigmented. So far yes, I would agrees the palette is pigmented however it is very powdery. Of the three options that are in the palette, I prefer to us the blush and highlighter and I have been steering clear of the bronzer which is very pigmented and tends to be hard to blend out. 

Naughty Purchase #5 Real Techniques Core Collection $18

This pack of four brushes comes with a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, a contour brush and a buffing brush. These brushes are down right brilliant. I love them. They are very soft, and they make everything that I apply with them look very smooth and soft. If you all need some new brushed and are looking for something that is high quality and worth the money, defiantly get some of these. They are some of my staple makeup brushes. 

Okay lovlies! 

These items have been some of my most naughty purchases. This week I will be doing a collective haul of other items and makeup I have been purchasing lately. Please take a peak at my channel to see what other items I couldn’t contain myself from purchasing! 

Kisses for now! ❤

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