Every once in a while I find myself OBSESSING over movies, music, new places and even new products. & of course, I want to share them with you! After all, if something is amazing, you have to share, right? 

1: Soap & Glory Peches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

Yup. I have been obsessing over a face wash. I don’t often stray away from my Origins Checks and Balances, but since becoming pregnant, (& more so last month) I have noticed my skin is dryer than the desert. I have been in desperate need of hydration. So I have switched to Soap & Glory, whom promises with their whimsical bottle, to provide my skin much-needed moisture after every wash.

This cleanser is advertised that it can remove makeup, moisturize and clean. (That’s a lot to be in charge of!) In my experience, if you take on to much, something gets left behind. This cleanser is no different. I have been adoring it for the extra moister, but buyer beware that it doesn’t fully break down makeup. I still suggest using another cleaner or makeup remover prior.

2: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (I know clearly very cleshay- I’m just going to embrace it)

Now, due to growing my tiny human, I am only allowed a small amount of caffeine a day. With that in mind, I have not been stingy on springing for the good coffee. (Thank the heavens). Some days I have trouble processing where I left my keys (even though they are always in the same pocket of my purse) if you need the extra help in the morning. Well, I say take it.

3: Facebook Market Place

Over the past few months, I have taken on the challenge that is my home. Recently I have felt restless in my space. Thus, I have been purging unwanted items, purchasing (probably waaay to much) and rearranging… well everything.

It’s been in this bout of transforming my living space that I have fallen in love with Facebook Marketplace. If you haven’t ventured to that part of Facebook, it’s a section that allows you to sell items to folks in your close vicinity or neighborhood. (Basically, Facebook is trying to take on craigslist). Now I don’t mind buying things on craigslist, but lately, I have found it a little creepy.

The bright side to buying furniture on Facebook marketplace is that in order to list, you have to have a certified facebook account. Meaning it cuts down on the possibility of the poeple you are buying from being fake or just downright scary. (Now, I still suggest going with someone when picking items up for safety.) But, thanks to this digital flea market I have been able to find some cute new furniture pieces for my home.

4. Amazon

Prepping for a baby is no joke. They need LOTS AND LOTS of stuff. Thankfully between my Amazon baby registry and my private lists, I have been able to track and add everything I may need. Which has included necessities from house slippers for my hospital stay, to organic binkies for baby, to non-essentials such as portable hand warmers. (I have been getting cold!)

5. Lush Bath Bombs

My body has been going through lots of changes, and a lot of them are not very comfortable. So, to relax I have been taking more dips into the tub, which are never complete without a Lush bath bomb. Recently I have been enjoying the bombs; Intergalactic (which basically makes you feel like you are floating in space), Butterball  (because you basically come out as smooth & moisturized as a babies bottom) and Sex Bomb (it smells of ylang-ylang. Enough said).

I haven’t had a chance to snag some of the new holiday bombs, but the Christmas addition ones, are normally my favorite.

What are 5 things you have been obsessing over? Drop them in the comments!




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