Hello all !!
I have a little story for you from this week…On thursday i was having a really sour day. Nothing was going right or even proper. I got into argument with the BF, my coworkers were being especially bothersome && i ripped my favorite pair of leggings, basically I had the worst day! After I got off work & went home, changed out of my ripped leggings and had a tear or two, I was left sitting on the couch wondering why the heck am i wasting such a lovely day feeling down? Thus i hopped into the car, thinking i would grab starbucks (always a pick-me-up) and head to the book store and snag a cuddly corner away from the world.
On route to my fabulously planned afternoon, I drove past petco, were surprise surprise they were having a pet adoption event. Thinking to myself, “what could make me feel more loved then loving on a new furry friend.” I had to stop. I walked into the little event petting, waving and awing at cats, dogs, and the occasional puppy.
After viewing and loving on almost all the animals outside I wondered into petco to look at the little animal section. Its here, that i was able to see birds, hampsters, and of course Guinea Pigs. Now I’ve always had a fascination with small animals, so I found myself waving and talking to the adorable Guinea Pigs. Thats when out of nowhere a worker wonders over offering for me to hold one. Once the little critter was in my hand, I was history. Before I knew it I had purchased a cage, a water bottle, food, toys, and a Guinea Pig.
My girlfriends told me later that basically what I had done was a shopping -feel-good-spree. Now she informed me most people, when feeling down simply buy clothes or new shoes. Where as I buy animals. I personally think animals are adorable so I couldn’t help myself.
Since purchasing my first Guinea Pig (whom I’ve named HP or house pig) i’ve also added a another to keep her company (whose name is miss.piggy). Now thanks to my one sad day, I have added two guinea pigs to my crew. (My dogs were not thrilled lol). All I can say, is that 1) when im sad i can not be left to own devices in fear of going into petcp && 2) i really love my guinea pigs.

ta-ta for now!

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