This weeks Blog post is happening…unexpectedly. Unfortunately for me I’ve always been a sickly person. Dealing with my allergy to citrus and my hypoglycemia has proven to be very difficult more then once. Most recently, my sugar at work yesterday dropped unexpectedly, causing me to become dizzy, stubble and fall at work. Hypoglycemia means that naturally my body doesn’t produce the normal needed amount of glucose that is needed in a day. This means that I have to eat more regularly then most people must. It also means that I have to be consistent when it comes to eating protein and things with natural sugars. Without these daily practices, my body can’t function normally, causing me to become shaky, sick and even faint from lack of energy.

Most of time, controlling my hypoglycemia is second nature.

That being said, there are days that I can’t control my sugar level well. Thankfully, yesterday I fainted only for a moment, and was able to be woken up without going to the Emergency room. When someone faints with hypoglycemia their body acts very similar to someone with diabetes, they can go into shock which can result in seizers and in severe cases cause death.

By providing glucose, however people with hypoglycemia tend to regain sugar levels faster then someone with diabetes.

That being said, your body is still going to feel like it was hit by a train.

In my case, my bodies first reaction is to shake uncontrollably when my sugar level drops. This shaken often causes my body to become very sore, and in more then one situation it has taken me a few days to bounce from a severe drop. This is because your body panics and uses more sugar in trying to tell you something is wrong. So naturally you’ll feel wiped out and completely exhausted.

In people with hypoglycemia, it is common for them to become diabetic later on in life. However, I am very determined to not go down that road. When hypoglycemia turns into diabetes, it more often then not turns into a level 1, meaning it is very severe. Because, not only does your body not produce sugar, it won’t maintain the level of glucose that your body develops after eating. Causing more issues, and for the individual to be placed on insulin.

Over all, this blog post was an explanation of hypoglycemia however, I wanted it to act as a reminder that with a healthy diet, you can also be healthy, regardless if you have a condition or not. Being healthy needs to be a active and constant work in progress. And, this is coming for the girl who fainted yesterday.

Anything is possible as long as you reminder that no matter how large an issue, you just need to take it on a day at a time, and anything can be conquered.


Kisses. Until Next time.

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