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New Drug Store Spring Lippies

Maybelline “Rebel Bloom” Lipstick Review


Hourglass’s Ambient Lightling Palette

Hello Ladies && Gents, Now for today I wanted to review a makeup brand that I have never used before, but gets marvelous reviews all over the internet. && that brand is Hourglass. Now, despite this brands raves, I have never even bothered to look longer then a few minutes at their displays for fear of falling in love with something WAY out of my … Read More Hourglass’s Ambient Lightling Palette


November IPSY Glam Bag

Hello Ladies && Gents! Are you ready for the monthly instalment of the IPSY Glam Bag Review?! I know I am! let’s dive into that bag ya’ll! Firstly, let’s just talk about this month’s cosmetics bag! can you say cute?? It’s purse sized, feels like a much better quality then past bags && it’s covered in glitter! I just love that extra little sparkle. … Read More November IPSY Glam Bag


Review: OCCosmetic Lip Tars

Hello Ladies & Gents!   A few weeks ago I did a video on the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. And enjoyed testing and trying out the three colors that I did for the video so much  that I just hard to try out a few more! (you know just for good measure lol)   Instead of filming a entirely new video, for these … Read More Review: OCCosmetic Lip Tars

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