Hello Ladies & Gents!


A few weeks ago I did a video on the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. And enjoyed testing and trying out the three colors that I did for the video so much  that I just hard to try out a few more! (you know just for good measure lol)


Instead of filming a entirely new video, for these three new colors, I decided to do a blog post instead! Now I won’t be reviewing the “RED” Lip tar collection on my blog, but if you would like to know more about those colors and see me demo them, then please visit my YouTube channel at this link:


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For today’s blog post I decided to Review the “Peach” collection. This packet of three comes with the colors; Grandma, Electric Grandma and Divine.


Looking for this particular pack, I discovered it’s no longer available online, however I did find a similar set on Sephora.com. It seems that OCC is coming out with their holiday sets and a new style to boot. So be excited for more OCC reviews (cause I’m kind of addicted to these lip tars haha)



Now for the review!



Electric Grandma

This color is by far my favorite! The pigment is light, however the color is infused with a small amount of glitter. This really makes your lips shine & come to life.After wearing this color for a few days, I discovered that it also made my lips look VERY plump and full (I had two people even asked me if I had put on a lip plumper!). Looking into the ingredients it seems that there is Hemp Oil within it, this is essentially a fatty acid, and can cause a small amount of plumping. (score!)




After loving Electric Grandma so much, I thought that me and Grandma would be a match made in cosmetic heaven. However, I didn’t love the color as much. && this one seemed more drying to my lips. The color itself was very pigmented and highly rich, however it made me a tad washed out. I fixed this by adding some lip gloss over the color with a tad bit of an orange tint. However, this color wasn’t really my kind of flavor.




Of the colors in this trio, I have to say this one is my lest favorite. && it’s not because of the color or of the pigment. To be honest it’s not even that drying on lips! However, what cursed this lip tar to be one of my lest favorites, is the color itself. I think someone with lighter skin and yellow undertones would look GORGEOUS with this color. However on my light tan skinned it comes off a tad to pink (&& to be honest slightly orange) to look flattering. Oh, well! lol


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