Hello Ladies && Gents!

Are you ready for the monthly instalment of the IPSY Glam Bag Review?! I know I am! let’s dive into that bag ya’ll!




Firstly, let’s just talk about this month’s cosmetics bag! can you say cute?? It’s purse sized, feels like a much better quality then past bags && it’s covered in glitter! I just love that extra little sparkle. Plus the bag was designed by Forever 21 for IPSY, how flipping adorable is that? (typing as I simultaneously stash this little gem into my purse)




Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Base $14

Now for our first treasure to imurge out of this little glam bag, the Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow Base in Submissive (lol what a cheeky little name…love it)
The base itself is a creamy golden brown with hints of gold, which is stored in a cute little glass container.
Now for me this particular product didn’t work very well as a base, however this wasn’t a big surprise since I have particularly oily eyelids. so instead I used this over a differnt Eyeshadow Primer & & I have to say I love the color! The product is Pigmented, but not drenched in glitter, making this a very ideal base or shadow. I will deffintly be using this for an all over base. So far ladies & Gents this bag is off to an amazing start!!





Elizabeth Mott Your so Fine Water Proof Liquid Liner $17.99

Liquid liner, yes yes yes, gimme please! haha
As a lover of liquid liner I find I can be difficult to impressed, however this liner is deffintly up to snuff!
This liner has a very impressive application, easy to use brush & the line is easily manipulated to make your liner look on point! I have to say, this liner reminds quite a bit of the Kate Von D Tattoo liner. The application nubs are both thin and resemble a small paint brush, which makes the ever illusive cat eye that much easier to achieve.
One thing that I really adore about this liquid liner is how BLACK the liner is. Sometimes I fine liquid liners, while lovely in application lacking in pigment. This liner had both! Good show ❤ PS. I’ve never heard of this brand, have yall? Online they had very impressive reviews, have any of your ever tried more things from this line?


J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion $4.99

If you have noticed, the past few months I have been particularly obsessed with the OCC Lip Tars, & & I have to say that these J Cat ones make for a nice cheaper alternative!
Granted I have only tired the one color, however the pigment was good, not to drying and it was a long lasting color. The one downside I have to this product is that it is very VERY transfer prone & & It takes quote a bit of time to dry. However, if you can over look the precautionary steps you’ll need to take to get this striking color then I think it Is deffintly worth the value!


Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argon Oil Volume Shine Hairspray $8.30

I’m not one who normally gets to pumped about hair products. However, this Hairspray may have converted me to a new forum of product obsession. It is a light hair spray, that doesn’t leave stickiness in your hair (which omg was my first clue I would love this).
It has a pleasant clean smell that isn’t over weighted by chemicals. & & it’s good for your hair!!
According to the IPSY website “This argan oil, keratin and grape seed oil infused hairspray gives you strong and flexible hold plus deep nourishment, strengthening and conditioning as you style.”
Basically, you need a bottle.



TEMPtu S/B Highlighter $27.50

I have been giving this month’s IPSY bag a lot of love this month, however there had to be one thing that I wasn’t head over heels in love with! & & this month that is the TEMPtu highlight. The main reason I wasnt loving this product, was because of the smell!! It is very very very chemically. & & to be honest because of this I wouldn’t put this product where it is designed to go, on my face! plus I found when playing around with this product or settles into fine lines easily, making this not ideal for face application.

Over all though, this had been my most favorite IPSY bag of the year!! All the way down to the bag itself!! Good Job IPSY ❤

Thank you! & & till my next post!

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