Hello Ladies & & Gents,

I adore winter, it means months of fuzzy socks, Starbucks lattes && boots. (&& layers!! oh the lovely layers)

However, all seasons must end… which means spring will soon be here!

Now switching between seasons means a great deal in the beauty world. You must put away your winter coat, switch your shoes && change your makeup color palette.

One thing that spring has going for it…is the colors! From clothing to flowers, everything changes to bright && pastel in palette.

Which luckily for my pastel loving self, cosmetic companies capture the feeling of spring in their lipsticks && Eyeshadows.

&& Since January, many drug stores && name brand cosmetics lines have launched their new spring lines. (which feature pastel colors, YAY!)

So when Maybelline launched its new Spring 2015 Lippies, dutifully named The Rebel Bloom Collection, I had to snag some!



These colors are so lovely first off! The packaging is sleek && is modeled after the rest of the Color Sensational line. Equipped with a sleek translucent purple cap and a solid silver end, these Lippies offer just the right amount of elegance. (even with their drug store price tag)

One thing side note about these lippies, which is just an observation && a personal opinion. I can’t seem to decide if I like the smell of these lipsticks. When you pop the tube your assaulted with a clean(ish) drug store smell. Now, I can’t decided if I like this feature or not. My idea was that  Maybelline added this scent  to mask the normal drug store lippie smell. Which, i think is something all drug store cosmetic brands could improve. However I’m not sure if this scent was the right way to go about it. Leave in the comments below what you think!

&& now on with the show…

Lippie Lilac Flush




First off, OMG this color!

The color is smooth, isn’t drying && downright lovely. Honestly if you have a pale completion with blue under tones you must give this color a try!

Since it has a blue under tone, it makes teeth look whiter. && with its formula offers a sheer build-able application (which is nice if your unsure of how dramatic to go with your pastel look).

Honestly, this would be my favorite color of the lot if it fit better with my skin tone. But since I have a more yellow complection, I must wear this Lippie with either a pink or red liner to balance it out. But! I still adore it!!

Lippie Peach Poppy




Now, this color is amazing if you have a yellow understone (like myself). Much like the previous lipstick, this one doesn’t try your lips && has a buildable application.

I have seen many “peach” lipsticks on the market, however because this one is lighter and can be applied sheer, it offers a good choice for a spring day to night lipstick.

Love, love, love this one!

Lippie Hibiscus Pink



Barbie. Barbie. Oh the Barbie.

Yup, this one defiantly if modeled after the famous toy’s pink obsession. While in general I promote anything barbie, I think for me this pink was a tad to…..well pink.

Since it is a pastel it is easy to over do the application. I also found that this lippie was a tad to moisturizing, making me fearful it would slick off my lips.

Of the three this one was my lest of my favorite. However, I think this lippie would look lovely if worn lightly for a summer day of fun.


Have ya’ll tried any of this new spring colors? What where you impressions? Leave them in a comment below!


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