What is the craziest adventure you’ve ever had by yourself ? 

Hmm.. A few days ago I wrote about my adventure I look with my Dad in Chicago (Dad in Chicago). I would quite say my craziest adventure happened while I was there.

Durning the day (most days) I was with a tour group that took us everywhere…well one afternoon I wandered off. To me it was harmless. (Of course, this wasn’t true for my tour guides or fellow visitors.)

I saw that piece of art that looked like a silver peanut & wondered around the park. To me it was wonderful. (okay-maybe not crazy at the time. But wondering off in a city I didn’t know now seems a little crazy lol.) && I grabbed a hotdog from a stand to eat while I walked around. They found me (or I them – which I don’t remember) some time later. No harm – no foul.

Hmm perhaps I need to take more odd adventures.

– Till Tomorrow

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