What is the most exciting day you’ve ever had? Write exactly what happened. 

The most exciting day? Gosh… I think it was the day that I traveled to Chicago for the first time. I was 16 && just falling in love with the idea of large cities. My Dad needed to be there for a week for a conference, and thankfully I got to tag along. For a little country girl, a place as jammed packed as Chicago seemed so odd…

I remember heading down to the airport. (It was terrifying haha). You see, around this time there was a woman who was 40 years my senior, who shared the same name as me, who got herself on the terrorist watch list. Needless to say, my bags were torn apart by airport security. To me, this was the way that all big cities welcomed visitors. (Thankfully I was wrong !)

When we got off the plain…gosh … everything was so BIG! The buildings seemed like they touched they sky, and there were people. So MANY people everywhere. I could have stood in the airport for ages.



My Dad & me enjoying the view of the Chicago sunset. 


Have you ever fallen in love with a place? You memorize the sounds, the way the sun sets and even the people you pass? (I still remember my art tour guide, she was a lovely 5 foot nothing, who wouldn’t let me walk close to the road. She didn’t want to loose me you see. I adored her. (literally) lol. She took me to some of the most interesting art exhibits I have ever seen).

To this day, I think traveling to a large city when you are young is so important. It’s crucial I think to experience perspective, && to marvel in the mass of our culture.

Over the next few days, I visited museums, art exhibits, road in a boat for the first time && attended a book fair that stretched as far as a football field. It was incredible. (In fact, we had to pick up an extra suitcase to bring back all the books I insisted on bringing home).

But what makes this my most exciting day, is that I got see and experience something so new. I got to see a place I had only read about and was marveled by the people and the scenery.

(I haven’t been back to Chicago since this trip, but I desperately want to go again. – bucket list trip?)

– Till tomorrow



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