What is your dream job? 

Gosh –

I would love to be a full-time blogger / youtuber. I adore documenting, writing, & sharing. I think it’s the most relaxing and rewarding thing you can do. To share with others the world they might not be able to see.

I would write more about travel, then I do now if I had the chance (as I think this is so important in life, I would want to share my experiences as I visit places I haven’t yet seen), gab about beauty and just… (everything). To me, blogging is a way to connect to others that I often find difficult to do in person. I am not by nature a “sharer”. I tend to keep things private…even if I don’t intend to. By blogging, I can express myself more vivaciously and colorfully.

I once had a professor who told me that you will find what you are truly meant for by finding that activity or passion that you are willing to not get paid for. (&& well lets be honest I’m daily blogging and have no clue actually how many people read this silly thing) but I do it. I love it. I find writing, the ultimate form of communication. It has the ability to be interpreted by everyone differently however, that’s part of the allure. Why re-tell a story if it will always be the same. Bounce off the side of the box, explore a new path.

Okay….I just want to write all day now haha

-Till Tomorrow

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