What is your favorite TV show? What do you love about it ? 

Omgoodness. Hands down my favorite television show is “Friends.” I have probably seen the entire series at least 10 times. I adore it.

It’s hard to describe why I adore this show so much… but perhaps…

When I watch “Friends” it’s like coming home after a long trip. You know that your favorite shirt is there, your favorite sounds and of course your favorite people.

“It’s a moo point.”

“We were on a BREAK!”

“Smelly cat….”

Gosh, this show is just too good. lol I mean come on, haven’t you ever just wanted a group of friends that were together through thick & thin? To have long talks about nothing with? To hang out in coffee shops? Shoot, I would just be happy with a Chandler (…. okay and a Joey….and Phoebe) … lol okay, I really adore all the characters.

What’s your favorite show??

-Till Tomorrow

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