Hello Ladies & & Gents,

In my last “Dear Dairy” post, I admitted that I do suffer from anxiety.

(&& I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the lovely comments!)

So! as part of me trying to “do more” last night I went to a work function.

Now I have to admit the night didn’t start off as planned. BF was sapous to come with me, however he wasn’t feeling well & & needed to stay home..

so needless to say I was very apprehensive about going. However, I managed to talk myself out of bailing on the evening.

On the way there (despite having a gps) I had a panic moment when I couldn’t find parking. (driving for me is always one of the largest challenges when I go somewhere knew, because I can get panic attacks in the car).

Once I parked & & took a moment to turn up the stereo, I relaxed & & wandered inside. (now keep in mind this is huge because the event was located down town, where I never go!)

I have to say the event was very cute. My night kicked off with a simple work award ceremony, there was dancing (mostly salsa lol) appetizers && loads of poeple.

Since I am new to the company I did feel like the odd duck out, however I found a few of my coworkers && the evening was actually really relaxing. I was able to meet new people, hang out && really enjoy being at a function.

Now the kicker for this outing was a few of my coworkers had announced earlier this week they all wanted to go clubbing. At first I really wanted to go.

However after being at a work function (which no matter how nice it is, is still a work function) I managed to talk myself out of it.

So while in the cat driving away, I spotted the two coworkers who pushed me to go out. Once they saw me driving away they convinced me (through my drivers side window) that I needed to go out! & & I took the chance.

It was amazing! ❤

After parking we went to a room where one of the girls rented from the hotel to freshen up (I also met even more poeple here) & & from there the night turned into a roaming adventure.

the first club we hit was called Posh, & & I have to say, I wasn't to impressed with our first stop. there was to much smoke, not enough good music && what I though was potential gang activity. lucky I wasn't the only one who wasn't impressed. (plus this club was locked downtown & & to be honest most the guys there, where creepy. please insert a ew face here) The only downside to leaving was that there was a large group of coworkers here, all dancing && having fun. I do hope in the future we can all get together & & go dancing again.

We then hopped into the car && headed to a Bar & Grill called Nob Hill. & & I have to say this was my favorite place of the evening. it was all brick, the bar was huge, the music was a mixture of early 2000s electronic & rock, and it had anime playing on flat screen TVS. what more could a girl want?

our last stop of the night, was to my favorite cigar bar, now nearing 2 am though we where getting just a tad tired. so it was after this stop we headed home.

Over all this night was so much fun, we listened to a homeless man play the guitar, almost got hit by a car (walking) & & I made some incredible new friends. I say for my first night of facing my fears I did a pretty stand up job!


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