Hello Laides && Gents,

I have something to tell you…a tiny little secret….I adore the Fifty Shades of Grey Novels…(haha I know probably not a surprise!)

But ! When Makeup Forever announced that they were going to release a limited-edition collection inspired by the movie, I of course had to jump on the new sets.

The set that I had to have from the collection, (which was cutely named) is the Desire Me Cheek Set. Which includes a trio of artisan shadow blushes, a travel precision blush brush (#150) and a exclusive travel pouch.


The three lovely colors that are included function as a blush, highlight and a glow.

Now firstly I have to say I really enjoy these colors! However, I don’t use them as they were intended. Since the browner shade of three is intended as a highlight, the first day I had this palette I tried it the recommended way, However, I found that this highlight has a grey tint to it. Making it idea for doing a nice cut crease in your cheek. Thus i have discovered a new contour color.


Also the other two colors in this palette, which can be alternated for blushes I find are very light. In the past when I have felt with Makeup Forever blushes, they have always been very pigmented. && I have to say that isn’t the case with these shades. The colors in general are very lovely however I feel like I have to pack on the product for it to show up on my skin.


This over all, while I personally love this set for the movie reference and idea, I don’t think you need to splurge on this item.

If your like me && enjoy having a Fifty Shades of Grey Palette, then go get it! However I think if you want to use this as a way to try out MF blushes, you will have a better experience if you where to invest in the single pan products.

Well Kisses!

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