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Hello Las Vegas

A few snapshots from my recent trip to Vegas!

Growing Up…

Hello Ladies && Gents, Today, I have to say was a different sort of day for me… I was given the charge of driving my Dad to the doctors this morning for a small operation he was having. Now I know what your thinking, “a small operation, thats not so bad!” Well in the grand scheme of things, no it wasn’t bad at all. … Read More Growing Up…

Happy New Year! (2014 Reflection)

I wanted to kick off the new year by doing something a tad bit different…since this past year has been crazy and amazing. I thought it would be nice to reflect on my top 5 most favorite moments of 2014. 1. This is the most recent (and crazy!) change in my life…I Graduated from college ! It’s so odd to know that I have … Read More Happy New Year! (2014 Reflection)


Today…I had a Panic Attack

For the past few weeks I have been stressed, freaking out and just over whelmed with school, work and in general life. On sunday however, I decided to turn over a positive new leaf, I have been determined to be excited for class, work and everything else that comes along. && I have to day that this new mantra has been helping me all … Read More Today…I had a Panic Attack

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