I wanted to kick off the new year by doing something a tad bit different…since this past year has been crazy and amazing. I thought it would be nice to reflect on my top 5 most favorite moments of 2014.

1. This is the most recent (and crazy!) change in my life…I Graduated from college ! It’s so odd to know that I have achieved, after years & months of working toward this goal, have at last finished. It’s a odd movement of excitement && uncertainty…let me tell ya.

2. Going on 2 amazing vacations! One with my dad & boyfriend, and the other with my mom. Both were amazing and much needed family bonding trips!

3. Adopting out German Shepherd. He is crazy, takes my socks and lays on me…i adore him.

4. Getting the first large piece in my tattoo sleeve…which has been something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. The meaning is deep && it’s representation is perfect.

5.  ya know…for this last slot. Truthfully I am happy that my family has become so much closer this year. I know that in general this isn’t a moment I  can pinpoint on a calendar…however I think it’s something (especially coming from a divorced family) that is so important.

I know these are only a little tidbits of these moments, however I thought it would be nice to reflect & be ready for whats bound to be an even more amazing year! I would love to read your top 5 moments from 2014…leave them in the comments!


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