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Lets Talk About BlogLovin

Hello, Ladies & Gents, I want to talk to you about a blog app. Yup thats right an app. && the reason is because, sometimes lets face it not everyone wants to have to sign in everyday to wordpress, blogger or any other site to look at an amazing blog post. With this in mine I have decided to claim my blog on Bloglovin. … Read More Lets Talk About BlogLovin


Vlogging, blogging && YouTube-ing

Hello Ladies & Gents, I have to say it’s been a banana of a week…first my birthday && then the consistent & amazing celebrations. I have posted a little snippet of my birthday madness on my new Vlog channel. Which has been dutifully names MissVictoriaNicholeVlog. If y’all love vlogs, then please subscribe. && if you would like to watch my new weekly vlogs…here’s a … Read More Vlogging, blogging && YouTube-ing


Hello New, Old and Potential Blog Followers!

Hello All! First off I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone for following my blog! It’s so excited that complete strangers actually want to hear what you have to say! On that note I also wanted to remind everyone of my new youtube channel and of other ways you guys can stay up to date and connected with me !  Twitter: … Read More Hello New, Old and Potential Blog Followers!

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