Hello Ladies & Gents,
I have to say it’s been a banana of a week…first my birthday && then the consistent & amazing celebrations. I have posted a little snippet of my birthday madness on my new Vlog channel. Which has been dutifully names MissVictoriaNicholeVlog. If y’all love vlogs, then please subscribe. && if you would like to watch my new weekly vlogs…here’s a link http://youtu.be/R76oQbjEeQs

Now I know I have a lot going on, youtube, Vlog/blogging && school. Not to mention work! I feel like my head is snapping in eight different directions. However! I want you all to know I’m loving, all the sweet support you have been giving me! It truly makes me a happy camper! Well y’all! Anyways I have a few blog-reviews coming up this week 🙂 && so ! I will chatter with you guys later this week!

❤ Kisses !

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