Hello New, Old and Potential Blog Followers!

Hello All!

First off I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone for following my blog! It’s so excited that complete strangers actually want to hear what you have to say! On that note I also wanted to remind everyone of my new youtube channel and of other ways you guys can stay up to date and connected with me ! 

Twitter: MissVictorriaN

Instagram: MIssVictorriaN

Tumblr: MissVictoriaNichole

Facebook (Page): Victoria Nichole

Pinterest: Victoria Nichole 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissVictoriaNichole/featured

If you guys follow me on any other social media sites, please let me know so I can give you all a very large virtual hug in the form of a follow back! 

Thank you guys! I’m feeling the love 


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Hello. My name is Victoria. Born and raised in New Mexico. I use my blog to document everything I love. (& that is a lot) I find life intoxicating. Everything from places to a good read (shoot-even bad reads) food, makeup, experiences…my life. I document here. In hopes of trapping the beauty of the world, I see around me. I have been told I see the world through rose-colored spectacles. & I intend to share it that way. Here I hope to discover, discarded and rediscover who I am, how I interact with the world, and who I inspire to be. I hope you find joy in my writing, and hopefully, you also will write something to me.

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