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Alex and Ani (Review and history)

A look into my newest Brand Obsession


My Style Icons

Recently, my boyfriend accompanied me on a shopping trip. In general I don’t like for him to tag along while I clothes shop. Due to the fact that he sings the same two songs, “Don’t you own that?” and my personal favorite “You would look so good in this, get this one.”


The Santa Fe Street Fashion Show

My incredible experience at the Santa Fe Street Fashion Show


003: Vintage Find

My most recent vintage find


002: Jumper Sunday

What I Wore, Volume 1

Packing Update && Random Findings

Bits && Bobs I’ve found while packing my house ❤

That Social Media Game 

Hello Ladies && Gents, I have been getting a few questions on my favorite social media! So! I thought I would do a fun little list! 1. Twitter: Missvictorrian Life. yup. love Twitter. I adore the fact I can make Lists of fellow tweeters && I love how instant everything is. I’m on this app every day && I’m always tweeting, so come visit. … Read More That Social Media Game 


Hello Ladies && Gents, Did you know I hate moving? I do. I really HATE it. But by next month thats what I have to do! My BF && I will be moving into a house! (I know can you believe it). Which don’t get me wrong is amazing and exciting. However, until then my house is filled with boxes && we still haven’t … Read More Moving?!?

learning to take care of myself

Hello Ladies & & Gents, This week, something happened… I had to be taken to the E.R. (I’m alright. However it certainly gave me a scare.) I haven’t been feeling well. Friday I had this feeling that I was going to faint, so I ate. However I couldn’t stop shaking & & then I fainted. Apparently, I have an infection, and due to my … Read More learning to take care of myself

Facing Fears One Day at a Time

Hello Ladies & & Gents, In my last “Dear Dairy” post, I admitted that I do suffer from anxiety. (&& I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the lovely comments!) So! as part of me trying to “do more” last night I went to a work function. Now I have to admit the night didn’t start off as planned. BF … Read More Facing Fears One Day at a Time

Growing Up…

Hello Ladies && Gents, Today, I have to say was a different sort of day for me… I was given the charge of driving my Dad to the doctors this morning for a small operation he was having. Now I know what your thinking, “a small operation, thats not so bad!” Well in the grand scheme of things, no it wasn’t bad at all. … Read More Growing Up…

Happy New Year! (2014 Reflection)

I wanted to kick off the new year by doing something a tad bit different…since this past year has been crazy and amazing. I thought it would be nice to reflect on my top 5 most favorite moments of 2014. 1. This is the most recent (and crazy!) change in my life…I Graduated from college ! It’s so odd to know that I have … Read More Happy New Year! (2014 Reflection)