I haven’t posted a blog post in a MINUTE! && It has occurred to me that I need a new way to go about blogging. (Embrace the none planned!)

So…I found a cute (downright adorable) Tokidoki (if you don’t know this brand, YOU NEED TO) book called “365 Days: My Inspired Life.”  

Get inspired, with this tokidoki journal, filled with prompts for every day of the year.
What is the craziest adventure you’ve ever had by yourself?  If you could swap lives with another person for just one day, who would you choose, and why? What was the last thing that made you laugh? Fill the lined pages of this colorful, decorative journal with the answers to these and other fun questions that capture your thoughts, feelings, and life. – Amazon

&& Ya know what? I find the idea of writing from prompts really interesting. So… guess what we are going to do the next 365 days?? (YOU GUESSED IT) I will be daily posting !

Now I will still be tossing in my normal posts (so don’t fret) I just want to play around with a new style of blogging. Refresh the palette…you know…spark inspiration. (haha)

I will be providing the questions in each blog post…SO! I would adore if you, all my amazing readers, would respond to the questions as well ! (Really! I love to hear from yall)

Now then…since this is a kick off post for our new adventure together…I thought it was only suitable to respond to our first prompt!

(Ready)? Okay ! Our first prompt is….

What’s the best day you’ve had? What did you do? 

Hmm… (gosh what a kick off question) well … so far I am 25 years young… so… I don’t know how to best answer this! (lol). To be honest I feel like I have had many best day(s). For instance, the day I graduated from college, when I got a tattoo with the bestie, or when my Dad taught me to drive. Oh, ! I can’t forget the days I adopted my dogs. Gosh- there’s so much…

I think narrowing it down to “the best day” is so hard. I have been blessed with many great, fantastic and wonderful days….perhaps when I am old and grey I will have a “best day.” For now, I am happy to have many … many great days.

Till tomorrow –



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