Waking up this morning, being flooded with the heartbreaking news of a third London attack. I was struck to write. 

I debated on writing about the hardships that are taking place across the globe, the tragedies we are sharing, or what we can do from here. However, I have decided we should relish instead for a moment, in the good, that restores the faith we have in one another. It’s easy to allow this negativity that surrounds us, to consume everything. However, now is the time to band together more than ever.

Below is a small list of things, that restores my faith in humanity. & I urge you to share yours.

  1. Receiving / giving compliments to strangers
  2. Making eye contact with a baby… and both of your start smiling
  3. Having/seeing someone help carry groceries
  4. Paying it forward, either with a coffee or with an act of kindness
  5. Getting advice from a stranger on what to order at a restaurant or a good book to read

-Till Next time


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