Goodness, it’s that time of year again! 

For the past three years, my Fiance and I have traveled 4.5 hours to reach Silver City, New Mexico to experience their annual Blue’s Festival.

Every year you can expect a few staples. Great food, good music and fantastic people watching entertainment. (Because these Blue’s Festival folks sure know how to get down!) This year, I had a few favorite bands that stood out and a few that fizzled. But! adore going year after year.

Plus! It’s a free event, that takes place near the Gila National Forrest. So, during your weekend of enjoying music, if you want a hiking break or mini adventure you’re in the perfect place.

“Put your notes away- all these young folks have to write things down. Play from the soul.” – Walker Shellist Due (Band)

This year, was quite the hot one. & let me say that when you want to be fashionable, try to avoid the lace sandals. Or you will end up with a sun tan, that makes it look like your recovering from frostbite (insert sigh). On the bright side, I now a very nice tan. Haha


“You’ve never seen a tye-dyed guitar in all your life.” – Pat “Guitar Slim” Chase (Band)

If you ever find yourself at the Silver City Blues Festival, you must try the “Steamed Buns.” Gosh, I swear they are my favorite food, and I can only get them once a year! (Do yourself a favor, try a steamed bun). Or grab some sasparilla, a chicken leg or any of the other must-try foods.



The lead singer of Pat “Guitar Slim” Chase playing in the crowd



Fiance & I, taking a break from the sun

If you have never been to a multiple day music festivals make sure you pack sunglass, sunscreen, and an umbrella. Shade during the festivals is one hot commodity. (Literally!)


This year, we also brought along baby Joey, who unfortunately couldn’t attend the festival with us (as no dogs allowed) but he sure as heck enjoyed the running space!

While, in Silver, we stay with my Dad, who has a wonderful piece of land, equipped with sprawling views, deer, and an orchard. Needless to say we never really want to come home.


This year was the 22 year for the festival. & if you can join us for 23rd. It definitely will be something you want to write home about.

Favorite Lyrics of the weekend:

“I’s rather be blind, crippled and crazy. Somewhere pushing up dasises. Then let you break my heart again.” – Pat “Guiatr Slim” Chase (Band)

Want to know more about this year’s festival? Click Here

-Till Next Time!

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