Before  I do this review… there is one thing you should know… I really adore the Underworld movies. SO.. it should be no surprise that I  adore the new installment in the franchise.

Before I dive into the overall plot of the movie. I am wondering why in five movies… has the design team behind underworld, not changed up Selen’s look. (While I can appreciate the longevity of  a vampires person, I still think it would be fun to have a different look now and then).


The essential story in this movie is that Selene and her daughter have gone separate ways. However because her daughter is the first hybrid, everyone wants her. (gosh, this family can’t catch a break, huh?) So the entire movie revolves around silly vampires and wolves attempting to capture Selene, in order to locate their daughter.

One thing that this movie has me gutted about is Micheal will not be returning. The last two movies, I have been waiting for Selen’s and Michaels reunion.  I am a sucker for a good romance, so it saddens me that has been effectively removed. 

However, overall I really like the direction the underworld movies are going!

What did you all think? Comment below !



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