Hello, My amazing blog readers 

I wanted to do a little life update… I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a severe allergy to citric acid (&& yes, that means I can’t eat oranges, lemons, limes or anything of the sort…). Now I have had this allergy for some time! I was diagnosed with it when I was 6 so it’s not something new. (&& don’t worry, I can’t miss what I don’t know! Lol)

Now in the past year somethings have changed…I have been sick quite a bit. I have had more allergy attacks, I have been needing to use my epi pen more (4 times this year alone!) && in generally I havnt been able to keep much food down. 

Thus I have started the journey to discover what the he*# Is happening with my allergy. This week, after under going a skin test, it was discovered that in addition to citric acid. I am allergic to wheat, pork and (insert upset face) cats. 

All I can say is I am happy to have answers, however I will be under going some major dietary changes…

I wanted to share this On my blog, becouse adult allergies are often not talked about. However, today there are over 30% of adults that deal with a type of allergy.

Thus I will begin blogging my journey with my allergies(so expect everything from the nitty-grittness of being diagnosed to cooking tips.) 

Cause goodness knows, I will be needing my communities support in this life change. 

-Till Tomorrow 

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