I was very unsure about seeing this movie.

(Caution: Spoiler Alert) 
For those of you that have not seen the first John Wick, the first half of the movie is a tear jerker. John’s wife dies and leaves him a puppy to help him through his grief. (Omg… Tearing up already)

He and the pup get along famously. Till these (insert cuss word) gang members decide that they want his car. So they beat up John, take his car, and kill his dog… (Ugh!!!!)

The rest of the movie is him going after all of murderers (which I am all for). I just can’t handle unnecessary puppy killing. Come on writers of John Wick! No! Killing! Puppies!  (Slash that- make that a note writers EVERYWHERE)

Now then John is a bad- ace (in the movie they call him the boogeyman… Yup he is that good). Before he met his wife, he was a killer for the mob…mmhmm.

So the first film ends very triumphantly in John’s favor. (Of course).

Now the second film starts right around the ending of the first… Now I was nervous to see this second installment, because… Puppies. Thankfully google eased my mind, and confirmed no puppies, birds or even a squirrel came to harm in the plot.

Wew! Now then, the second movie…starts with John kicking some behind and taking names && his beloved classic car back.

(Oh! He also has a new pup in this film, who is adorable && needs his own line of collars)

Then evidently the film turns to someone in his past life effing with his life. (Come on! The man is the boogyman man…leave him alone…) so, of course, there are lots of amazing fight seasons (in one John even uses a pencil to end a few of his foes…yup you read right. A pencil.)

&& it concluded with him being a-amazing and not batting an eyelash at the rules of the mob.

Now, this is a very (very) short description of the movie. Mostly because it sums it up nicely. && I don’t want to give too much away!

In short, if you like action, infused with a dash of gentlemen class, you will quite enjoy this movie.

I rate this film a 4/5!

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