What are the top five things you would bring to a desert island ?  

  1. Satilight Radio – Cause event on a desert island, I need to jam. (I mean no one can rock off-key karaoke-singing-into-a-hair-brush like I can)
  2. My dogs – I would definitely need my pups to go along !  Can’t have desert island fun without a little catch with the fuzz squad. (soo… I have 4 dogs…. But I’m going to count them as one pack…one adorable puppy pack)
  3. A surfboard – I have never surfed…however, I think being stuck on an island is a great opportunity to. lol… hmm maybe I should add a medical kit… in case surfing and myself don’t get along well.
  4. A hammock – While I’m sure the sand will be the place for naps (that I use often), at night I do like a comfy place for rest.
  5. A journal w/ writing utensil  – I’m quite the sucker for writing (as you can no doubt tell from my blog) … I think it’s important to document one’s life, feels, and adventures. && I would chalk being stuck on an island a very interesting adventure.
– Till Tomorrow

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