Imagine that you and your best friend traded looks for a day. What do you think it would be like? 

My best friends name is Ann Marie… She is just too damn adorable. She is 5’2 with short hair and a spit fire in the kitchen. (really- if you ever need a cake make, she is your girl)

If we traded looks, to be honest, there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t adore. She is shorter than me, (Which I have always been jealous of – I insist that with how much I fall, I really was meant to be closer to the ground lol).

She has a booty…(which if she reads this she will hate that I mentioned it.) But I have never owned a booty. I adore girls who have them. Come on, what’s not to love ! You get swagger, fill- in jeans & it makes for a lovely hourglass figure…(please excuse me…doing squats.)

&& to top it all off, she has this face that you just want to give her things. No matter where we go, everyone is so kind to her. (I think it’s her smile…you just want to smile with her.)

With-out a doubt she is one of kindest people I know, she radiates beauty inside and out.

Nope, not a complaint. I will take it all… ( & Run ! My booty)

– Till Tomorrow

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