What is your favorite memory of summer vacation? 

Until I was 16, my family vacationed every year in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. (We own a condo you see, so in a family of 4, so it made for a close & comfy week long get away. )

If you have never been there it is a MUST! They have some of the BEST hot springs around. (Difficulty sitting a hot spring with a margarita is a personal favorite of mine)

I recently went back to Pagosa Springs, with my mom. Check out photos from that adventure…HERE.

There was one summer, I think I was about 10? (My brother would have been 6) – we were ready for a fun day of activities… like swimming, hiking, shopping, hot springing (margarita free)  & of course adventuring. (I always adored our vacations) But this year, even though it was summer, the weather was very poor. One day imparticular it was raining in sheets (so the rain came in sideways…not to fun for vacationing activities). So we decided (by vote of course) that we would stay in the condo and just have an afternoon in.

That afternoon is by far one of my favorite vacation memories.

My Dad, had a very busy and stressful job when I was younger and thus often was home late and traveled quite often. (&& I adore time with my Dad…) So to be able to enjoy one another’s company was… so fun! We played board games, read books, watched movies with one another. (really it was a normal day in) But to my 10 year-old-self who didn’t get much time (entire family time) ….it was amazing.

I even remeber…we were playing jacks & my little brother caught me cheating ( I know, I know. Bad little 10 years old) haha. Overall this simple afternoon is my most memorable vacation.

-Till Tomorrow

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