What was the happiest moment of your life? What made it so special ?

Happiest? I think…I want to say it was the day I graduated High School. For me, high school wasn’t the most fun time. At home, it was a quite difficult time period for me. && on campus…well that had a different set of challenges.
I could have graduated half way into my senior year…however, I decided to stay to finish out. (mostly because I wasn’t looking forward to attending college). Due to the fact that I didn’t need any classes, I filled my last term with BS courses..like being a TA lol. But it was during these classes I was able to wonder the school, explore and meet people that in my time there had never talked to. This semester was the funniest and most impressional on me. I wasn’t any longer the girl who was shy and didn’t know many people. (you see I was quite the shy little wallflower). I was able to talk to everyone. Explore music, art, and who I wanted to be.
So… on the day I graduated I ensured I did as many things as I could.
I sang in the honor choir during the ceremony, gave a speech to my fellow classmen and walked with the top ten of my class. This day marks not only the day I accomplished something wonderful but to me, this was the day I truly was ready to embrace who I wanted to be.
This is one of the happiest memories I have. This is when I really embraced…life, && all it has to offer.
-Till tomorrow

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