What is the funniest story anyone’s ever told you? Describe it in detail! 

Hmm… the funniest story I have ever heard?

Omgoodness I got it…

You see when I was younger I lived in Edgewood, New Mexico. A tiny little town about 20 miles outside Santa Fe. Now naturally there was a lot more room up there compared to the city. So, when we had holiday celebrations we went all out! (My parents knew how to throw parties…haha)

Every fourth of July, we did a firework show. (Now keep in mind this is when I was about 7, so I am writing this story some from memory & some from what I have been retold).

Of course, for every 4th we had to throw get-to-togethers to celebrate. So we would have our entire family, friends, everyone over. Every year my Dad & my Godfather would lite the fireworks for us kids to watch. (& as any good parents should – we had a slew of the illegal ones).

So one year, we had all the fireworks set up to be lit and to be sent into the sky. (Now keep in mind, the fireworks were a conclusion to a good night of partying…) There was one little firecracker that when lit didn’t go off…

So my Godfather’s reaction (with his little drunken bad self) was to kick the cracker….. in his wicker sandals….

Well, that (damn) little firework went off, just as it got caught in his shoe. Needless to say, there was lots of hooting, haulering and cursing. && dancing ! Omgoodness, I remember him hopping around on one-foot calling to every god he could name !

To put the firework out, my Godfather (now with a firecracker fully going off a brilliant yellow) jumped into our kiddie pool (insert a laugh-crying face) & fell over !

Haha…. it was hilarious ! & before I get lots of concerned responses. Yes, his foot was okay! Just not is shoes…. (HAHAHA)


– Till tomorrow

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