How did you meet your best friend? Did you know right away you’d be best friends?

Omgoodnes now this is a story…

Now you see, the year I was entering high school I was really nervous. (After all who wouldn’t be!) Most of my friends went to other schools… So I didn’t know anyone & I dreaded going to a new place with no familiar faces…

So it came time to register for classes, I was a MESS. I used the entire summer to fret over being a high school outcast (no joke…insert sad sigh), thus I told my mom that I couldn’t attend, due to the fact I knew no one and had no friends.

Well my mom (being bonkers women she is) told me making friends is easy. She then proceeded to get the attention of the young gal in front of us in line..& say ; “excuse me, would you be my daughters friend? And take good care of her?”

I kid you not. That is EXACTLY what she said. (I was beat red & of course died in that very minute) but to my surprise the girl dragged me off to help me register for classes & showed me around campus. (It was also a sever stroke of good luck we had the same class schedule)

Needless to say, that wonderful little high school freashmen, that I met almost 10 years ago, is still to this day my best friend.

I guess sometimes it’s okay to have your parents embarrass you in public (Haha)…

Till tomorrow –

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