What would you do if you won the lottery ? 

Omgoodness … if I won the lottery I already have a plan! (&& Of course, I would win a mega-winning haha)

First… I would pay off my Dad’s and Mom’s homes. (They have taken wonderful care of me, so, of course, I want to do something for them first and foremost)

Second… I would pay off all my debt. Squeaky clean start!

&& then its time for fun ! (But just a little bit ! Got to make the money last!) I would look at buying a home, a nice two story with a wrap around porch. Then I would take a fun vacation, travel Europe or go on a long cruise.

After the much-needed vacation (from all the shopping, haha) I would come back to find a part time job and just enjoy!

However, I think that with something this wonderful, I want to share. So I would donate some of the money to local charities that can help children in need. To me, giving back really creates a full life. Right now, I can’t give as much I would like to, so winning the lottery would let me & that would make me so happy!

(okay…now I really need to play the lottery lol)

– Till tomorrow

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