Like all works of art, a good base is a nessesity. This is no exception when it comes to a solid outfit. If your under garments show up to impress, then you’re garnered to be a show stopper.

This month, we have one of the biggest style days of the year, Valentines day. If your in a “we” or just an I, Valentines day offers the best oppertunity to dress-to-impress (ourselves!). I often think, that the key to feeling sexy (a.k.a. down right aw-mazing) is feeling comfortable in what your wearing. If you comfy and feel confident, then anything you rock this valentines day will be the sexiest outfit you rock all year.

This holiday, lets start at the base! Join me, in taking the “Valentines Day Bra Personality Test” and find our your perfect bra for any Valentines day activity.


I got the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt (this quiz so gets me). I am very much into the comfy & classic look. (give me leather pants & a t-shirt any day!). I must say though, I am very curious about the 24/7 Strap Happy bra, doesn’t that just look like the perfect go-to bra?

What bra did you get ? Leave it in the comments below!

Interested in seeing more of ThirdLove’s bra collection? This adorable brand offers free shipping over $75, also sign up with them today to receive 10% off your first order.

Use the code:  VALENTINE15. This will give you 15% off your order now through Feb 29th!




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