I have a love hate relationship with concealers. They crack, they smear & they only give you dark circle coverage for at most, your morning Snapchat photo (we all do it, let’s embrace it, hashtag snapchat addicted) 

Now I have been experimenting with a concealer for the past month& I know! That’s quite a long time!

However, I enjoy putting makeup through the ringer before a review. Simply because when you open a new shinny makeup box, you immediately think, its magic. Now if you can get past the “this will make me look like a model”  feeling, then you really can look at how well the product actually works.

Thus! I have tested this little beauty on normal days, extra hot days, and vegas night outs.

This product comes in 8 shades and is advertised as a weightless high coverage  concealer.

Now I can say this concealer rivals some of my foundations! Its definitely a high coverage  product. (I highly recommend this for those minimum makeup days)

Two things I love about this concealer is it does not crack! (Which my oil skin really appreciates.) I do recommend setting this however, it can move.

Thing two, it does a decent job of hiding my deep set under eye bags. I say decent because my under eye circles are a pretty big  challenge. Deep set & blue under tones they give the best concealers a challenge.

Now I don’t cringe at the $28 price  tag, but It is higher up there. I adore this concealer, but it’s by no means magic.Its heavy, but it does a good job. & did I mention it doesnt crack?! (okay good..just wanted to remind you )

Over all i rate this 4/5  stars.

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